SEED Architects is an Athens based architectural studio, operating within the fields of architectural design, interior design and sustainability of the built environment. The studio was founded by an independent group of architects Eirini Sfakiotaki & Eva Lantzouni with the scope of seeding their architectural identity in the city of Athens.

Both creative & curious individuals, graduates of National Technical University of Athens, have lived and worked in various countries & continents ever since. Trained in passive designing & sustainability issues & with experience in large scale construction projects they have founded the studio in order to translate into space their own creative ideas. Since the launch of the studio, Seed architects have handled and supervised a wide range of renovation projects from housing to commercial & infrastructure.

The scope is to deliver high quality, tailored- made & authentic design based on clients’ needs. Seed studio offers a full range of services from decision making design to post construction support and seeks to uphold long-term relationships with its clients, consultants and partners.